Innovation in LED driving for Smart Cities and automotive sector

Perpetuoo is an advanced smart driver that extends the LED lifetime up to three times, reducing replacement and maintenance cost.

Smart cities

Connected IoT devices, enabled by sensors and new technologies, could revolutionize the cities of tomorrow providing useful insights to reduce energy waste and improving the quality of life

Street Lamp

Dimmable and connected street lamps pave the way to energy saving and performance improvements to the public lighting sector


Automotive sector will benefits of the introductions of Perpetuoo enhancing the average durability of lamps

Info about Perpetuoo

Do you want more details? Go to the documentation where the information on how to integrate Perpetuoo into your lighting projects is detailed.


All the latest information about Perpetuoo

2020 Innovation Award

HWA has been awarded of the 2020 Innovation Award, announced by the Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Calabria, for the innovation of Perpetuoo, the first smart LED driver which, thanks to an integrated control and Read more…

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